Retirement planning

Our retirement and pension planning advice covers two main areas – investing for your future retirement and helping you consider your options once you get there.


We advise employees, the self-employed and business owners about the most suitable strategies to fund their life in retirement.

By assessing your current provision and future expectations, we can calculate any shortfalls with your current plans and recommend solutions to suit your needs and budget. Strategies might include using personal pension contributions, joining group/company employer funded pension schemes or the use of alternative investment solutions.

Once implemented, we’ll provide regular reviews of your total provision to ensure that you remain on track to achieve your retirement goals.

At retirement

Many of us only get one chance to shape our future income when we retire. The benefit of having a thorough review at this time is that you’ll gain the confidence of knowing that you got it right.

We’ll consider your personal situation and income needs and take account of factors such as whether you want to take any risk with your retirement income, whether you’ll need access to take lump sums and if you need to make provision for your partner or dependants in the event of your death.

We’ll look at all the alternatives, such as buying a guaranteed income for life (an annuity), drawing income from your pensions as and when it’s needed (income drawdown) or using other investment solutions.

When considering annuities, some people will just take the income offered by their existing pension provider. In many cases, by shopping around we can improve pension incomes.