Later life finance

Post retirement needs normally revolve around protecting the capital you have, making provision for long term care and passing money onto your family in a tax efficient manner.

Whilst many pensions increase over the years, the cost of living can often increase at a much greater rate.  This leads to pressure on incomes.  Our advisers can help you generate income streams efficiently from invested capital or release equity from your house to fund needs should you have insufficient income/capital from other sources.

We can provide solutions for funding long term care needs for you or a loved one.  We will guide you through the care system detailing what benefits may be available elsewhere.  If you are funding, we will consider how long capital will last, how best to invest and alternative options such as the purchase of lifetime annuities to cover shortfalls.

You may wish to support your family by helping grandchildren with the cost of education or weddings.  This is another area where we can provide ideas and guidance.

Many clients are concerned that they may pay serious amounts of tax on death.  We can help by considering strategies such as the use of trusts and other gifting to help reduce potential liabilities.